Give 60 young orphanage-leavers a Happy New Year!

Every year 800 young people leave the care of children’s homes and institutions in St Petersburg, Russia.  Yet, even six years afterwards, only one in four feels confident living independently.  Our partners, Sunflower, have the urgent task of helping young orphanage-leavers understand themselves and the world around them better and they need your help.  In the video below they wish all our supporters a happy Christmas and show some of the activities they use to life-changing effect.

“It’s scary, but I really want to learn to trust people”

“Now I don’t walk out on a job the first time I hit a difficult patch”

“I like how we talk to each other in the group, and I want to be able to talk to my colleagues like this.”

“Now I’m learning to pay attention to other people and to be interested in how they live and what they are thinking.”

We’re helping young people to overcome paralysing anxiety, distress which might otherwise be self-medicated with alcohol or drugs.  We are giving them the skills and the emotional maturity they need to hold down a job and avoid homelessness.  And it turns out, that they have amazing hidden strengths and are capable of remarkable compassion.  They make us proud.

This year more orphanage-leavers will need our help.  Your donations will be used to provide individual counseling and group support to help young orphanage leavers to

  • understand and manage their feelings about their traumatic childhood
  • learn how to make decisions
  • recognise their strengths and choose a job that they will be suited to
  • develop their social skills and confidence so they can take a full part in their community
  • tackle drinking and other risky behaviour.