• We help disabled children and teenagers with communication difficulties to connect to the world so they can become as independent as possible.
  • We provide education, training and skills to graduates from orphanages to give them a good start in life.
  • We help young parents who grew up in orphanages to bond with their children and keep their family.
  • We empower children and families living with impaired hearing to take a full part in their communities.
  • We give security, care and food aid to disadvantaged children.
  • We offer legal support, security and training to street children and teenagers to help them integrate into a wider society.

How we do it

  • We work with local partners that understand local issues in Russia and Georgia. They work closely with local authorities and other charities and organisations.
  • We provide part funding for our-long term projects to whom we keep our commitment.
  • We help our partners build their knowledge, skills and know how to deliver high-quality expertise locally.
  • We encourage sharing experience, learning and replicating best practice by bringing together foremost specialists.
  • We encourage local fundraising.

We cannot do all that without our loyal supporters and volunteers here in the UK thanks to whom we keep raising funds and moving forward.