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Disabled teenagers

What’s the problem? The technological revolution of the last twenty years should be fantastic for disabled people? New software and the internet can give severely disabled people opportunities to communicate and take part in community life in a ways that we could never have imagined.  Unfortunately, Russian disabled people are largely left out of this…

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Sasha and Liza, age 2

Parents who grew up in orphanages

What’s the problem? Young people are often told when they are growing up in an orphanage that they will repeat their parents’ mistakes and fail when they have children of their own.  We don’t believe this.  With the right support we have seen families who were really struggling blossom.  We do know that without the right help,…

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Teenage orphanage leavers

What’s the problem? Every year in St Petersburg 800 young people leave the orphanage system to fend for themselves.  Most are totally unprepared, even those leaving in their early twenties.  During their time in institutions they are not allowed to take decisions or responsibility, so they are very immature when they leave.  They find it…

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Food aid for families

What’s the problem? Most of our work is aimed at bringing about long-term change, but sometimes it’s impossible to ignore the short-term crisis.  St Petersburg is an expensive city and many families with three or more children as well as single mothers find it difficult to make ends meet.  The disabled, chronically sick and the…

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