What’s the problem?

The technological revolution of the last twenty years should be fantastic for disabled people? New software and the internet can give severely disabled people opportunities to communicate and take part in community life in a ways that we could never have imagined.  Unfortunately, Russian disabled people are largely left out of this revolution.  Russian children and their families need to have this world opened up to them so that they can reach their potential.

How do we help?

St Gregory’s is sponsoring a pilot project to introduce disabled children in St Petersburg and Moscow to high and low-tech solutions which can help them communicate, learn and socialise.   In each city a group of ten children will be assessed and given tailor-made assistance.  We hope that this will show others what is possible and enable a longer-term project to take off.  In addition, our colleagues will create webinars to advise other children and their families across Russia.  Thanks to St Gregory’s, our colleagues will be able to get advice from specialists in the UK who have experience in helping match disabled people to the technology that can help them most.