What’s the problem?

Most of our work is aimed at bringing about long-term change, but sometimes it’s impossible to ignore the short-term crisis.  St Petersburg is an expensive city and many families with three or more children as well as single mothers find it difficult to make ends meet.  The disabled, chronically sick and the elderly may also struggle.  

How do we help?

Three times a year we distribute food parcels to 108 families in need.  Some are referred to us by organisations, like Sunflower, that we work with.  All are carefully vetted to ensure they really do need our help.  Each parcel contains:

  •  cooking oil
  • pasta
  • sugar
  • wheat flour
  • condensed milk
  • oats
  • tinned fish and meat
  • tea

As well as food, our colleague Irina Lialina, talks to each family.  She gives a sympathetic ear, but also advises on benefits, housing issues and more.  Our families tell us how uplifted they feel by being treated so kindly.