St Gregory’s Foundation is a UK registered charity founded in 1991 to help charities in Russia and the former Soviet Union help the most vulnerable in their communities.

Our members and directors have different backgrounds, beliefs and values, but all of them are passionate about their help to St Gregory’s.  In the UK we have one full-time employee, Julia Ashmore.  We rely greatly on the generosity of our directors and volunteers who help with fundraising, translating, and in other ways.

In 2007 our sister charity in St Petersburg, Pomozhem Droog Droogu (PDD) or Let’s Help Each Other, was founded. PDD takes an active role in monitoring projects, reporting to the Russian authorities, and ensuring the legality of our work. We are supporting them to develop their local fundraising.

As our name suggests, our founders were Christians. Our contacts within the Russian Orthodox Church, and particularly the blessing of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (the late head of the Russian Orthodox Church in the UK), opened doors to us and introduced us to valued colleagues.  However we only work with partners provide aid to those in need irrespective of religious, ethnic or political background.