Deaf Club welcomes refugee family

Parents and children having snack round the table.

Our colleagues in Russia have had serious adjustments to make in recent weeks.  Some have had grants cut with no warning.  All have had access to Facebook blocked.  For some this was a very active way of communicating with the people they helped directly, and also with people from further afield who looked to them for advice.  The Club for hearing impaired toddlers is filling this gap by using WhatsApp and being available on the phone to families that need advice in between sessions.

The Club has also welcomed a refugee family from Ukraine.  Anastasia and her son Nazar are both deaf.  They have found a warm welcome at the club and the support from other parents is very important for them.  They left home without Nazar’s hearing aid, but the Club has been able to help them.  When children get a cochlear implant fitted, parents donate the hearing aids that they no longer need.  This means the Club has been able to give Nazar a hearing aid straight away.