Fresh food and training for homeless young people in Tbilisi

Mkurnali provides a home and vocational training in Tbilisi, Georgia, for 20 young people, some with children, who have no-where else to go.  They also feed 30 young people who are living or working on the streets.  Would you like to help them develop a sustainable source of fresh, local produce and train and employ four families?

St Gregory’s would like to help Mkurnali to set up a small mixed farm so that they can offer a wider range of training opportunities.  They would like to keep cows or goats, pigs, rabbits and chickens as well as to build a greenhouse for growing vegetables and a small cheese-making facility.

Eka, Nino, Jemal and Anna, a cheese expert, discussing the farm plans.
Eka, Nino, Jemal and Anna, a cheese expert, discussing the farm plans.

Mkurnali’s main barrier to getting the project off the ground is manpower.  Nino Chubabria, the director, is run off her feet.  Her workload just to keep Mkurnali running as it is huge.  She needs an assistant to be able to deal with the paper-work that setting up a farm entails.  Fortunately, Eka, a volunteer who helps distribute food to the homeless, is well qualified.  Mkurnali would need her to work for two days a week at £142 per month to develop the new project.  The annual cost is £1,700.  Your donation will be great value.  It will help unlock further subsidies to get this truly sustainable plan off the ground.

We will of course let you know how the plans progress.  If you would like to stay in touch please sign up to our Friends of Mkurnali e-bulletin on our home page.