Last year part of our partner’s summer camp base burnt down. They need urgent help to restore it before this year’s summer camp season. Can you help?

This site hosts transformative summer camps for young people who grew up in orphanages and their children. It provides a space for families to concentrate on improving their relationships without the pressures of everyday life. The facilities are simple, but what happens here is extraordinary, which is why we are so keen to see families using it again this summer.

It was a serious incident at a local electrical substation which caused a series of fires at the Sunflower summer camp and the nearby village. The standalone dining hall was immediately engulfed in flames, resulting in the loss of the structure, furnishings, kitchen appliances, bedding, and printed materials. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Sunflower has evaluated the destruction and estimated the cost to rebuild a new dining area to resume summer camp activities. The total includes restoring power, acquiring, and transporting building supplies and equipment. Volunteers and staff will clear the site and set up a temporary storage and cooking area to replace the charred canteen. Sunflower has initiated a local charity drive to collect kitchenware and other essentials. The organisation intends to buy first aid kits, medications, and office supplies. Colleagues have gathered sufficient funds for vital kitchen appliances.

However, they require £430 for equipment transportation, £175 for volunteer transport, and £255 to provide meals for them during the work camp. Let’s get them back up and running.