How our Club for toddlers with impaired hearing helped Camilla learn to talk

Camilla at our ClubCamilla and her mama are members of our Club for toddlers with impaired hearing that you have generously helped to sponsor.   Some time ago she had a cochlear implant fitted and has just come back to the club.  A cochlear implant can help replace the sensation of hearing for some deaf people.  As soon as she came back we could see that Camilla had changed a lot!  She has begun to make a lot of sounds and syllables.  She can hear herself and the other children and adults.  When she’s playing with the other children she is always “saying” something.  Her mama says that at home too Camilla is always trying to talk.  She shows she can hear by cupping her hand to her ear and saying “hear!”.

Camilla’s mama is so happy to see her success! Her papa is also very happy, although for a long time he didn’t want Camilla to have the implant.  Now he watches Camilla’s progress with interest and enjoys chatting to her.

Before deciding about the implant, Camilla’s mama spent a long time talking to the other parents at our Club, watching the other children with implants learning to talk.  She talked to the other children, read up on the subject and talked to our experts.  She discussed all this with her husband, and they decided to go ahead.  It’s very important that this was totally their decision rather than the professionals’.  We see all our parents as partners who know their children best of all.  The parents find this very refreshing and when they trust us the results are even better.  Now we’re all celebrating Camilla’s progress and thank you for helping her reach this point.