HRH Prince Michael of Kent meets SGF supporters

HRH Prince Michael of Kent with guests from St Gregory's Foundation

We are delighted that on 9th May our Patron, His Royal Highness, Prince Michael of Kent, met our long-standing supporters Svetlana Savelyeva and Yulia Kozlova from Help Impact, joined by Countess Alexandra Tolstoy-Miloslavsky and the SGF team: Nicholas Kolarz, Chairman, Tania Illingworth (nee Tolstoy), Director and Julia Ashmore, Executive Secretary.

Help Impact, a small UK charity has partnered St Gregory’s for three years, helping to co-fund our projects for orphanage-leavers in St Petersburg, Alternative Technologies for severely disabled children in both Moscow and St Petersburg and the Club for families with hearing-impaired children in St Petersburg. Alexandra Tolstoy-Miloslavsky has been our most active supporter over the last few years. Together with her father Nikolai Tolstoy they have recently raised over £11,000 towards St Gregory’s work with orphanage-leavers and she has been a wonderful help in publicising our work to a wider public.

The visit highlighted St Gregory’s current work and plans to support our projects amidst the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and gave both donors and the team valuable encouragement from His Royal Highness. We are honoured by HRH Prince Michael’s invitation and we are truly grateful to him for taking such a lively interest in our work and for his wonderful support over the years.