We are immensely honoured that singer Katie Melua has recorded an exclusive video for St Gregory’s in support of our partner, Tbilisi charity, Mkurnali’s work with the homeless.

Global events have led to significant rent rises in Tbilisi. Mkurnali is on the front line, providing accomodation to families and young people who would otherwise have nowhere to go. Your gift will help Mkurnali continue to house more homeless young people this Christmas.

Mkurnali is a Tbilisi charity that helps homeless young people. They provide legal services, shelter, vocational training and employment to vulnerable teenagers and families who would otherwise have nowhere to turn.

Grigol* lost his job in the pandemic and came to live at Mkurnali after he attempted suicide. He then got a new job, moved out, married and had a baby. Now massive rent rises have made him homeless again. Fortunately, Mkurnali is there for him and his young family, giving them a safe home until they can get back on their feet. Will you help support Grigol and his family this Christmas?

*not his real name

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