Parent praises Deaf Club

At first sight, it might seem as if not much is happening at the Deaf Club we sponsor in St Petersburg. Children play, parents chat. They get together for a sing-song and a chat. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, but something extraordinary is happening. Parents are gaining confidence, and children are learning new skills, skills they might not have had a chance to develop so early or so well because they are deaf.

Recently, the Deaf Club surveyed it’s parents. Grisha’s mum, Anastasia, responses show us just what the Club means to families.

What does visiting our club give you?

We go to the Club with our 2-year-old son Grisha. Coming to the Club with my child, I feel calm. I learn a lot bout child development. I can also talk to other parents and discuss problems. Grisha has the opportunity to socialize from an early age, being with both children and adults in the same place.

What do you like about the club?

I like the way that information is communicated to us very simply. Changing activities during class does not burden either the child or the parent. There is a very friendly attitude towards both children and adults.

Does visiting our club help you become more confident parents?

Yes, it helps. I found an understanding and even acceptance that I am not the only one, that there are many special children, and they they can live in our world.

What feelings does our club evoke in you and your child?

I get the feeling that people here will always understand, help and support me. They will teach you a lot – how to communicate with your child, how to play, and how to organise activities and games. The feeling that we are all a big family and should help each other.

What else would you like to say?

There are so many new achievements and children with improvements!