Continuing to help the vulnerable

Thank you to all everyone who has sent us messages of support at this difficult time.  Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering in this humanitarian crisis.  We are not in a position to meet their needs directly, but we will be donating half the proceeds from our next fundraising event to Save the Children’s Ukraine appeal.  We chose Save the Children because of their experience in responding to crisis situations and our shared focus on children and families.

Meanwhile, we continue to support our projects in Russia, conscious that the very vulnerable people we help will be hit very hard by the current inflation.  We are proud of our long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our partners.  The work we have done together has always been, and continues to be, resolutely a-political. 

At present we continue to have a limited number of ordinary bank payment routes open to us.  If those are closed by sanctions, we will explore other legal avenues to ensure donations reach our projects. We are speaking to the Charity Commission for guidance.  We will always keep you informed if our situation changes.