Corona virus has hit Russia and Georgia and all the areas we work in are affected by lock-down measures.  The people we help are already vulnerable, and the demands of an extended quarantine period will hit many of them hard.  Some have immediately lost their income, others are coping with greater caring responsibilities as schools shut.

Our partners are showing great commitment and creativity in responding to these needs.  Wherever possible, our projects continue to offer support online.  Some are distributing food parcels to the poorest in their communities and other are offering child-care for key-workers.  The summer camps we fund for orphanage leavers and their families will most likely go ahead.  The summer camps in Karelia will not be able to happen as before.  Instead of feeding children at parish house and providing activities, they will deliver food to families and provide online children’s activities.  We are closely monitoring the situation.

We remain committed to providing this essential support to those in need and your donations are much appreciated at this difficult time.  If you’d like to fundraise to help our partners through this crisis, we have ideas that will work with full social distancing.  We are also committed to keeping you updated.  You can find out more about how our partners are responding to the crisis on this website, on our Facebook page, on Instagram and Twitter, or by signing up to our monthly news bulletins here:

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