What’s the problem?

Teenagers living on the streets are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.  In Georgia, there are no state-run hostels for older teenagers and no legal help if they get in trouble with the police.  Without representation they are likely to end up in prison, where once again, they won’t be able to access education or training.

How do we help?

We support a local charity called Mkurnali, which provides a lawyer to homeless teenagers who get in trouble with the police in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.  Thanks to this legal service most of the teenagers they represent are found innocent and escape prison.  This is just the start of their work.  They also house around 20 formerly homeless young people and provide training and employment in their social enterprises.  St Gregory’s funds the legal service and contributes to the cost of feeding their residents and employing an outreach worker to connect directly with teenagers still living rough.