Annual Report and Accounts for the year to 31 December 2022 

Chairman’s report

Nicholas Kolarz

Our charity has been supporting vulnerable children and young people in
Russia and other countries for over 30 years. The war in Ukraine and economic
crisis badly affected our partner organisations and created enormous
difficulties for them after sanctions in 2022 made it impossible to send grants
to Russia. In the first month after the invasion, our colleagues in Russia noted
a sharp decline in individual donations, as many people were unable to transfer
money after major credit cards and payment services withdrew from Russia.
With the blocking of Facebook and Instagram, publicising the work of the
charities became increasingly difficult. None of our projects have closed but
most of our colleagues have been working as volunteers for many months.

The impact on us was fundamental as St Gregory’s was unable to deliver services to its beneficiaries
in Russia. This included paying salaries, services, feeding, organising training sessions and more. SGF
continued to raise funds and the crisis had little impact on the charity’s reputation but fundraising
notably decreased. Read more . . .

Summary of the accounts